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Brokeback Mountain

This Portrait is one of my favorite drawings; I hope that I have been able to capture the passion and feelings that Heath Ledger & Jake Gyllenhaal is playing so brilliantly in this touching love story.
There is an unfortunate irony to this portrait, though. I finished it just a day before we got the heartbreaking news of Heath Ledger in January 2008. So, I would like to dedicate my artwork to his remembrance.

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Gone With The Wind

This Portrait was my biggest challenge up to date. I did not have a clear photo of any of the subjects.
I had an image in my mind that I only could obtain by watching the movie and stopping it at the scene I wanted to draw. I wanted to capture Vivien’s sparkling eyes as I found it very typical throughout the whole movie. I would not want to draw a scene where Scarlett and Rhett are captured as a true Love Couple as in my mind they were not.
I thought my scene would express Scarlett’s cringing entreaty towards Ashley, and Rhett’s phlegmatic yet charming smile.
This scene was played in the library when Scarlett was begging Ashley, and Rhett was hiding behind the sofa. That is the reason why Rhett did not get a complete drawing of his upper body in my picture. I hope you enjoy my interpretation and the viewing of my artwork. :-)

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L. Ron Hubbard

Various people asked me to do a portrait of LRH. …. I have to say he makes a really good subject to draw. :-) I really enjoyed doing these portraits…. I wish he could see them and be my judge!

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