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Are the pictures drawn by hand or is there any software used?

All of the drawings are done by hand with color pencil and/or graphyte and charcoal on professional acid free paper. We don't use any software. Anyone could do that. :-)

What size is the finished art?

10"x10" - 10"x13" - 13"x13" - 14"x17" - 20"x13" - 20"x26"
The dimensions vary slightly depending on the composition.

What size photo is required?

The larger the photo the better. For drawing a person, a 2" from ear to ear photo is the minimum size. If you have a digital image, the size should be at least 800x600. The point is to have a large enough, and clear enough image to see all the details that are essential to have a great outcome.

Are the original photos returned?

Your original photograph wll be returned in the same condition as received with your completed drawing.

Credit cards?

We accept payment using Visa and Mastercard.

Business hours?

Call any time. If we are unable to answer please leave a detailed message and we will call you back. 

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