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About the Artist
Eriko was born in Hungary, Europe.

She attended college at Justus-Liebig University in Germany.

Even as a child, Eriko was seen with pencil in hand on many occasions.

"The art of drawing has amazed me since I was a child. I wondered who could have drawn those wonderful pictures in my fairy tale books. I imagined it must have been someone very special. This fascinated me, and I started drawing, wondering if I would be able to create such images. I frequently practiced my talent during boring school hours, bringing unwanted attention upon me from my teachers. One of my biggest successes at the time was drawing a poster of the successful band, ABBA, for a classmate."

Drawing remained her favorite hobby, and she discovered many new styles and techniques as she continued to perfect her art.
"I have studied countless master pieces in galleries and I have read all the books on the subject I could get my hands on."

After attending college her attention turned toward her dream of illustrating books and drawing portraits. 
"I have always considered drawing to be very precious. It develops creativity and you can express your emotional state and give others joy with it."



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