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1. Find the best photos you have of the subject. The larger and clearer the face on the photo the better. Less than 1" from ear to ear may not have enough detail. 2" or greater is the best! If you would like to use a digital image, it should be at least 800x600 pixel large.Wedding photos, graduation, usually are great photos. You know what looks good to you. Go through that old albums of photos you treasure. You'll be surprised at the gems you'll find there. And the joy while doing it, too. Whether candid or posed, it's the moment that counts.

2.Please go to our store by clicking "Shop my Store" and select the category and type of artwork you would like to have. Please make sure you select the size as well. Complete your order.

3. Send us the photo. The best way to do it, is sending it to our E-mail address at

4. If you have anything in particular you would like to discuss before we start working on your art, please send us an E-mail or/and call us in within 24 hours after you placed your order. We will contact you, if we have any questions, or problems regarding your order.

5. When your artwork is completed, we will ship the drawing to you in a durable container. 


We might ask you to allow us to post an image in our Gallery for reference purposes.

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