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Pencil drawings by Eriko

duckErika chose the pencil as her primary medium for creating her almost photo quality images. She pays special attention to the finest details to achieve the best likeliness, which really makes a difference. Many people, when they hear the word “Art” think only about oil paintings, but their mind is easily changed when they see her drawings on
The creation of these pictures is really time consuming, but at any rate, the time invested is worth it when you see the outcome.

All of the drawings on were executed using one or more photographs as the primary reference.
All of the original drawings are done by hand with color pencil and/or graphite and charcoal on professional acid free paper.
All of the prints on are Museum Quality Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Prints, inspected, numbered, and signed by the Artist.

Erika’s work includes book illustrations, special order portraits, animal drawings, buildings-landscapes, and pictures of famous people and movies (for instance: Brokeback Mountain, Gone with the Wind; just to mention a couple). She is open for any idea and any project. If you are interested in having an artwork by Erika, please do not hesitate to contact her, ( and browse through the site.
Also GALLERIES please, feel free to inquire!

Erika has also entered for the 2007 Oklahoma Duck stamp competition. The artwork had to introduce the lifestyle of the native Oklahoma Redhead Duck. (Please, see Erika’s entry above!)

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